Get smart!

To reach your customer base, you need great advertising. Our mobile billboards are the perfect opportunity to get your message in front of your customers. With our portable billboards, you can place your ads where you think they will have the most impact. Portaboards sells, rents, and leases outdoor advertising solutions. While we provide the means to display your advertising, you still want to have a memorable, unique and easily readable sign that will quickly and effectively communicate your message. Read on for the six best tips on maximizing your billboard’s potential!

A billboard is not the place to be boring. This is premium marketing real estate that you need to capitalize on with something smart, witty, funny, and memorable. Your customers are bombarded with advertising every day, and you want something unique that will grab their attention. Think outside the billboard box, and consider how you can make your billboard really stand out.

Big Fonts

A big advertising surface calls for big font! If most of your billboard is blank, or if the writing is too small to read, you will not have the desired impact. Minimize awkward blank spaces on your billboard, and fill the area with appropriately sized font. Make sure that your customers can easily read the message on your board from a distance.

One Idea

Give your customers one idea to focus on and to remember. A billboard is not the place to list multiple products, packages, or explain your company’s philosophy. Boil your message down into something that is easily accessible, and grabs a customer’s interest.

Keep it Short!

If people will be driving by your billboard, you have six seconds or less to grab their attention. Go through an agency like printing services san diego You may have a little more time if you will have foot traffic, but the idea is the same: keep it short and sweet. Several paragraphs of text will not get read, and are wasting your billboard space.

A Picture is Worth…

Adding in pictures and logos can say more than many words can. A great picture can grab attention, convey a larger message, and really be memorable. A billboard is also a great time to prominently display your company logo. If your picture explains your headline, there is no reason to use both, and you can use your words to fill in additional information.

Balancing Act

You want a concise message, and a great photo, but make sure there is great balance between the two. Don’t let your picture overpower the words you are trying to get across, and don’t make the words so large that your logo gets lost. In a billboard, balance is key.

Location, Location, Location

Maybe your business is not fortunate enough to have prime real estate on a busy street or in a happening downtown. Maybe you are just a half block off of the main drag, but no one is visiting your store. A stand alone sign can be placed on a busy corner to highlight your business and where it is located, and will hopefully drive traffic right to you. Or, you might be on a great street for walk-in customers, but the space allotted for a sign is too small or inconspicuous. Adding a stand alone sign out in front of your business can help you stand out. Additionally, you can convey more information on a standalone sign if your regular sign is too small for all of your marketing needs. Drive interested customers inside your business with a stand alone sign!

Temporary Business Location

If you are in a business, such as a Farmer’s Market, that is held in a temporary location you will need a non-permanent way to let people know who you are. A portable, stand-alone sign is a great solution to temporary business locations! Our signs are made of high-quality steel, and will stand up to any kind of weather. Don’t bother with hand drawn signs that may be ruined in rain or snow, invest in a sign that will last for years. If you have any kind of mobile clinic, pop-up store, or other moving location, a great sign will help to legitimize and promote your

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