What I Want

“I just wanted to tell the story and encourage people,” White said. “If it doesn’t make sense — this dream that you have inside of you — then it’s okay.”

Hollywood doesn’t make sense to me either. A dream I had whether some might say it’s prophecy or just simply a dream led me to a big fat movie star from a dream to my own town San Pedro 🙂

Many simpletons in this gem town of San Pedro have become famous. Whether singers, dancers or actors and to know I’m one of them would not be because of me but because it was destined. 1342My goal has never been to become an actress. I wanted to be a cop or a teacher as a kid. Either protecting or Teaching 🙂

We all know it’s not easy to land in hollywood as an actor or actress making easy money doing something fun unless you have the right connections and be at the right time right place pretty much… There is a lack of diversity and not many Latinos and Latinas have made it. It’s really hard.

And to know your being seeked out and could of replaced Zoe Saldana in a movie is ridiculous but not impossible! <3

Only time will tell if I’m on the giant screen or just to work with hollywood in branding and marketing would rock!

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